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Tell Me If
It's Worth Saving Me
17th-Feb-2010 09:18 pm - [Action//Voice]
I Heard You
[Close on the heels of his original, Luke will be waking up fully today. Still in bed, he slowly moves his hands and arms, testing them. His new body is stiff from being freshly made and then not moving for 4 days. Seems like his upper extremities are all working all right, if slowly.

He moves to test his legs, and with a small sigh, finds them still numb and not responding. Since his bed is by the wall, he pulls himself forward and slowly pushes open the window, letting in some cool, fresh air and sunlight.

He settles his arms on the windowsill and smiles, looking out at the village. He'll probably wave at you if you're walking by at all.]

Nice day...

[[ooc: Yeah, pretend this is actually DURING the day. -_-;]]
31st-Jan-2010 07:06 pm(no subject)
Lusch - Walking
[With the snow falling through the village, the young man walking slowly down from the mountains would blend in rather well if it weren't for the long mane of red hair being tossed around in the wind.

Once closer to the village, the person looks a little disoriented and confused, but at least he seems to know where he's going to some degree. He pauses every now and then to look around, face partially covered by a long, black scarf.

Well gee, doesn't he look familiar? :x]
18th-Jan-2010 05:36 pm - [Action//Voice]
Demon, Standing Tall, Back Turned
[The journal clicks on just in time to record Luke knocking on a door.]

Tear? Are you in there?

[He waits a minute, but doesn't get an answer. Reaching down, he tries the handle, making the door swing open.] Not locked...

Tear, I'm coming in. I made dinner-

[Luke steps inside and his journal flops to the ground only a moment later. Everything in the room is gone; the barrettes on her dresser, any of the plush toys she secretly collected, everything. It is abundantly clear Tear has disappeared from Luceti. Luke makes a tiny, choked sound, before slamming the door and leaving his journal on the ground. His footsteps pound on the ground as he starts running, and gradually grow quieter, until the the journal finally clicks off.]

((ooc: If you comment by voice, Luke isn't going to respond because he doesn't have his journal with him. But feel free to see a redhead running as fast as he possibly can through the remaining snow in town and heading.... well... nowhere. Just running.))
10th-Jan-2010 11:55 pm - [Action//Voice]
Darkness Falls, Kill Me Slowly Inside
[To explain where Luke's been the past few days, he's been doing a bit of barrier investigating. And of course, he managed to not start home right away once it started snowing, so now he's stuck outside as the blizzard is starting to build up.

The walk back from the barrier's edge to house 5 is fairly long, and currently the snow's piling up as the kid struggles home. The wind is covering a lot of his breathing, but it picks up his voice softly.]

I... am completely lost.
18th-Dec-2009 11:13 pm - [Voice]
No Big Deal
So now the village is packed with new people. Never a dull moment around here, is there?
2nd-Dec-2009 07:46 pm - [Written]
Let It All Fall Down
I've been here for over two years now... I can't believe this will be the third winter I've spent in Luceti. I've seen tons of people come and go from this place, and even I went home once. It was only for a few days in Luceti's time though, so I'm not sure if that counts for me actually leaving.

When I first got here, there were less than twenty people living in this village. I wonder if anyone else is still here that remembers how it was back then.

Luceti's changed a lot since I first got here. It's not worth much, but if anyone's curious, I've seen just about every experiment so far.
15th-Nov-2009 10:18 pm - [Action]
[Anyone passing by house 5 is going to see a certain redhead sitting up on the roof and staring off into space while he hums the fonic hymns softly. No, he doesn't really care that it's cold, and he also doesn't care that the roof might just be slippery from snow. Tear's been taken, and while he knows she'll eventually come back and that there wasn't anything he could do to prevent it, stupid replicas are stupid after all.

Look up and notice at your discretion.]
27th-Oct-2009 10:17 pm - [Voice]
I'm going to check out that amusement park place. Who's coming with me?

((ooc: This is mostly directed at his friends, but anyone's free to answer. >.>b))
10th-Oct-2009 02:39 pm - [Voice//Action]
Enjoy The View
Private//95% UnhackableCollapse )

For anyone who found me a while back without my memory, I'm fine now. I remember everything, and I thought I should let you guys know. Sorry I didn't say anything sooner.

[[If anyone is out by the forest right now, Luke's sitting in his favorite thinking spot, the limb of a large tree. Feel free to bother him if you're walking by underneath him.]]
18th-Sep-2009 09:44 pm - [Accidental Voice]
Oh Boy
[The sky's overcast outside, and Luke is taking this opportunity to stare out the window (which somehow feels very familiar). He's got one hand pressed lightly to the glass as he looks at the damp grass.]

I'm not getting very far with this... what am I supposed to do? [He taps his knuckles against his forehead with his free hand.]

Come on, think.
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